Pork, Pears and Brandy ala Paul

Kind of just made this up so there are no exact numbers.

Take something in the pork chop family (not too thin, not too thick) and just press in some seasoning salt and shichimi. (See note at the bottom regarding shichimi).

In a hot frying pan, place some sesame oil. Fry chops on both sides till mostly done. After the first flip, throw in a couple of tablespoons of grated ginger. If the pan is a little dry, also add some chicken stock. Cover to steam as well.
Then add a couple of half ripe (still quite firm) pears sliced very thin. Little more chicken stock. A couple of tablespoons of brandy. Cover. Uncover and toss a little. Cover.

(This was going to also have some snowpeas but they weren’t in stock that day so next time I will add those).

I served these with some mixed steamed vegetables and followed with Spanish coffees made in the con leche style.

Shichimi:My new wonder spice for almost everything. Its ingredients read: chili pepper, orange peel, sesame, japanese pepper, seaweed, spices. Comes in a large vial; only available at Japanese grocery stores. Hot and fruity.


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