Chocolate Challenge Menu

We decided to do a quasi-Iron Chef night with a demand ingredient. We first of all drew up a list of quite a few ingredients that no one strenuously objected to, put them into a hat, drew, and presto chocolate. We then drew names for teams. It wasn’t last minute like the Iron Chef. Teams had a month to each prepare and appetizer, entree and dessert. And of course, each dish had to have a chocolate element of some kind.

We also had four judges on hand, and a chairman, which totalled 11 people in all. Since so many dishes would be crossing the table, we decided on small portions for everything. On the day of the dinner, we flipped to see who would go first for each course, flipping for each separately.

The menu is as follows (and recipes will be posted as they arrive at my desk).


1. Paul’s Roasted Squash Soup with Chocolate Cream
2. Wayne’s Shrimp Curry on Chutney
3. Paul’s Steak with Chocolate Brandy Sauce and Habanero Jelly

4. Loie’s Croissant Melba


1. Doug’s Grilled Duck with Cherry BBQ\Mole Sauce on Field Greens

2. Chocolate Pasta with Savory Fillings


1. Wayne’s Chocolate Volcano

2. Mocha Sambuca Shooters


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