Eating in Warsaw (and more) May 2007:3

Earlier in the day it was rainy and slightly cold. Not having planned for this, and working with carryon luggage only, we were raincoatless so it was a damp morning. And I had only running shoes with airgrids since I was expecting heat so the socks and feet were wet as well. No matter it was great to walk the old town.

The three of us (C an I and my colleague) found a croissant and coffee place after about a kilometre of walking (Warsaw is still more Polish than international so it is not quite as accomodating to the Western idea of breakfast or of multiple eateries at one’s disposal.) (I remember my father telling me about a trip he took through Russia years ago before the change and how the bus would stop at the side of the road and if you didn’t have your own food you would go into town and knock on doors and see if someone would feed you for a little money; most towns did not actually have restaurants).

We did walk by a couple of very smoky places and one strange white industrial room where someone was amassing a large mound of chopped pink meat. But we got some food in our bellies and then walked some more looking at the old buildings and then parted ways since colleague wanted to look at some Warsaw Uprising sites.

C and I trundled about some more and then found another cafe with pastries. This had a menu of espressos from about 40 sources with detailed descriptions of all. We selected a couple and found them to be utterly bland though the pastries were absurdly good (in general all the Europe we visited well knew its way around baking). A major difference sitting there as we remarked throughout the trip was the relaxed atmosphere in these places. There was no sense that you ever had to leave. In many cases, getting the bill was difficult. That’s it for the writing for this day. See the pictures.


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