Thinking about food again..

Just one of those times when a man’s fancy turns to oh, Candied Bacon Ice Cream (discovered on SeriousEats).


Still hungry, I know I am. How about some fine lamprey?


In Portugal, it appears that a local feastworthy item is this parasite cooked in its own blood. Don’t know about you but I am getting hungry just writing about this.

Here’s a more flattering shot of this Dapper Dan. Kind of like one of those detachable shower heads, or a vacuum cleaner attachment.


Here’s the scary part but I have picked one of the prettier shots out there. These fellows and gals are as good as we are at crashing the fish stocks. And on an unrelated note, they have no bile ducts and die heavily jaundiced. They can also handle about 100 times the iron levels in their blood that we can and are being studied for applications for human hemochromatosis, a fairly common disease in those of European descent.


And now for something completely different, phew, here’ s a cool Blue Seeds video.


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