Worst dinner, old dinner, OMG have to eat that pronto!, and also a really big weiner.

Couple of interesting foodie items today:

From Chez Pim, a great new food blog discovery for me, a tale of possibly the worst dinner ever, though still a feast for the eyes. Make sure to scroll through the full gallery of pictures.


The chef, a brain surgeon by day, and obviously an anal retentive by night, has developed an edible microfilm that looks somewhat like saran wrap and apparently does not taste too much better, and has contrived to wrap absolutely everything in it.


And from kottke.org I was referred to this page of foods that were not available in Europe in the Middle Ages. Like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, vanilla and more. Its was meant to be a guide for those trying for a historically authentic meal but just to think about it is amusing enough.

And then there is SmittenMitten:


It is a Caramel Walnut Upside Down Banana Cake, and there is now purpose to my life.


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