Best Food Writing in Recent Memory

Food Sichuan Pepper

Fuchsia Dunlop’s book of last year, is perhaps the best food book I have ever read. The content alone is entrancing but she takes food writing to a new level.

She describes how even someone with exposure to many unusual cuisines might still find Chinese cuisine daunting. Intrepid, she will eat anything but relates how it took her some time to endure, then appreciate and finally seek out those textures we in the West find appalling. The gristly and rubbery among them. Her art is in conveying not only the grotesqueness of some of these foods but also how one could find them appetizing.

Not only does she eat her way through China, she trains as a cook in the cuisine. Its a wonderful inside look, informative, eye opening,and above all, entertaining.


3 responses to “Best Food Writing in Recent Memory

  1. Sounds like a great book, a topic close to my heart. If only there was a way I could buy it…

  2. I guess the next trip back to the Isles? Or maybe HongKong?

  3. sounds intriguing. i am fascinated, personally, by ‘gross’ foods.

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