You have the right to make me sick…

Ran across this great and disturbing little article in Macleans.

McDonalds has an exemplary hygiene policy as befits an institution serving millions. An employee developed a skin condition which was exacerbated by washing. After she made this known, McDonalds supported her through 2 1/2 years of disability pay as she looked for a solution. Unfortunately, on the restaurant level, everyone is involved at some level with food so there was no position that could get around that requirement. Finally, she was let go.

With her lawyer, and by appealing to the Human Rights Commission, she was able to secure another 50,000 dollars on the grounds that her human rights had been violated. McDonalds was charged with not having done enough and that the hand washing condition could be defined as discriminatory.

As outrageous as the settlement is considering how much the chain already delivered, as pointed out in the article, this could lead to a lawsuit against McDonalds from a customer contracting food poisoning emanating from an employee who did not wash their hands, and they would probably have a case despite being placed in the position of not being able to legally enforce their original policy.


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