Taste: What You’re Missing

Barb Stuckey, a professional food developer, has written one of the most interesting books about food I have read in some time. The book features a wonderful deconstruction of flavour components as well as plenty of information on how various aspects such as acidity interact to produce a pleasing overall taste.

One thing that struck me though, is that she mentions that from a flavour viewpoint, you leave the apex of enjoyment after a few bites. In other words, from a utilitarian standpoint, it should all be tasting menus. However, I have found that with some soups or stir fries, a suddenly deep and strongly satisfying flavour can emerge after eating a dish for a while (such as half way through the bowl of soup). What first seemed bland and unassuming suddenly blossoms into something remarkable. I have also experienced this with wine. It seems as though you are reaching some sort of critical mass with a subtle undertone.

I have written her to get her view on this.


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