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High Plains: The Joy of Alberta Cuisine


This is one of the best cookbooks I (Paul) have ever used. Our club decided to do Alberta one night, we had already had a great Canada night, and to our surprise this just rocked. I made the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Molasses Sauce and I think it was the only dish we’ve ever had where everyone there made it themselves within the week. The book takes advantage of regional specialties and products but does not ignore the contributions of various immigrant groups (such as the recipes for ginger beef and the turkey mole). Its a great basic cookbook.


Bamboo Cooks

This is one of the best cookbooks I (Paul) have ever had the pleasure to use and damn it, it, like the restaurant it sprang from, is no longer. It is a Caribbean, Thai and Indonesian collection of recipes including one of my favourite curry recipes (see Caribbean Curry Chicken), and one of my favourite soups, an amazing spinach and crabmeat concoction. The style is like the cover, crazy fun and tropical, and hot in every way. If you ever see this in a used book store, grab it.