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Paul’s Steak with Chocolate Brandy Sauce and Habanero Jelly

This was presented as an appetizer but it could be an entree.

Barbecue a good cut of steak however you like it but medium rare probably is best.

While this is on, but don’t forget about it, make the Chocolate Brandy Sauce.
Just melt some unsweetened chocolate, and add brandy until thickish but still spreadable. You can add a little cream too if its getting too tough to stir but don’t make it thin. Set aside.
(By itself this doesn’t taste that good but the sweetness comes with the Habanero Jelly.)

And heat up a can of dark brown beans (Libby’s Dark Brown in Tomato Sauce is good).

When steak is done, cut into small pieces.

On the bottom of each piece spread a layer of Habanero Jelly.
(See the Habanero Jelly recipe here.)
Then smear a layer of the Chocolate Brandy Sauce.

Place the piece on the plate and top with just a few of the beans.

I know, I know, but really, it will knock your socks off.